Benefits of Roller Shutter Doors

The roller shutter doors market is changing. Roller shutters have long been associated with security, protecting buildings of all shapes and sizes, namely factories, warehouse units, plants, logistics centres and other industrial units. Today, these pioneering doors can deliver a variety of benefits to businesses, with structures that incorporate:

  •    Insulating layers
  •    Safety systems
  •    Increased heating controls
  •    Defence against corrosive atmospheres
  •    Protection against experienced attempts of forced entry

With modern rollers shutter doors, it’s much easier to find a type that’s ideal for your particular application, but some of the key benefits include:

Heightened Security

Roller shutter doors provide excellent structural strength, with exceptional wind resistance. The solid build is enough to deter most seasoned burglars, whilst the highest quality doors can withstand forced-entry attempts. For most warehouses and factories in the SA, roller shutters deliver a vital layer of security for their premises, people and assets.

Streamlined functionality

Investing in a robust, economical and long-lasting door means little if it only hinders your workflow. Fortunately, today’s industrial shutters operate quickly and efficiently, whilst they can be paired with safety devices and traffic lights to ensure hassle-free and safe use. Therefore, they can play an essential role in improving access for workers whilst providing better use of space. For example, vehicles can be parked right up to roller doors, so goods can be loaded and unloaded efficiently, which is crucial for warehouses and distribution centres.


Many businesses require a degree of privacy, and there are not many doors that come close to roller shutters in terms of preventing onlookers from seeing what’s going on inside. Soundproofing can also be included to ensure noise does not spread outside of your building.

Simple operation

Factories, laboratories, power stations, chemical plants and production lines all have different needs; however, simple operation is crucial, especially with these roller shutters likely to be operated regularly. Previously, the majority of roller shutters were performed manually, using a chain system; however, new models often feature high-speed automatic operation as standard, and they can be operated remotely via a hand-held transmitter.

Fire Protection

While the industrial sector faces a higher risk of fires breaking out because of the nature of the work, fires cost lives (as well as money) for all industries. With a set of high-quality roller shutters, it’s possible to limit the spread of a fire, preventing it from spreading throughout your premises, and to other buildings.

Hart Doors remains at the forefront of designing and developing ground-breaking roller shutters to businesses across the globe, covering the critical areas of energy, efficiency, security and fire. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of roller shutter doors, or you want to explore our product catalogue, it’s best to get in touch with a member of our team today. We can guide you through the products most suited to your requirements, taking your objectives, budget and processes into account.