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Roller Shutter Doors

Empire Roller Shutter Doors as bespoke roller shutter door manufacturers, offers a strong and attractive solution for securing your Commercial, Corporate, Industrial, and Private property. The company was formed in 2005
and has gained extensive experience in the field over the past years. As we enter our third decade of serving our clients and distributors through the country, we constantly strive to remain at the forefront of the industry, listening to our customers’ needs and matching them with quality and durable solutions.
We manufacture, supply, and install a range of industrial roller doors and in addition, we supply a wide variety of products such as high speed, hanger, and domestic doors. We also provide service and maintenance on all types of doors, as our components are interchangeable and our slats fit most doors.
Empire Roller Shutter Doors is driven by a dedicated team who are always willing “goes the extra mile” to ensure that customer satisfaction is met and exceed in each and every project we undertake.



Every roller shutter door is provided in basic black on end plates, guides, shaft and t-bar.  The slats and dust cover is standard galvanized.


All roller shutters can be visually modified to customer satisfaction in appearance and colour.
  • All doors are manufactured to exact standards.
  • All doors are manufactured to client specifications & requirements.
  • All doors are delivered & installed by dedicated installation teams.
  • We have a wide variety of industrial Doors
Over 6000 Colours to choose from
  • MATT finish
  • GLOSS finish
  • TEXTURE finish
  • SEMI MATT finish

Our Services: Overview

Every standard roller shutter door comes galvanized for all small retail with slide bolts as precaution.
Perforation can be used for all small retail business as a safety precaution and is a regular request for most commercial applications. Perforation gives a transparency within any store to provide the full space Roller shutter with partial visibility.
Fenestre is used when a client would like to give window-shoppers an option to have maximum visibility within their stores. Fenestre is spaced 30mm x 50mm and gives full space transparency with any store or application.


Powder coating applications are generally more costly, but give a much higher quality and is far more appealing and attracts a more professional clientele.


When an application is required when the roller shutters functionality is from the inside where there is no other entry or access points to the inside of the building, generally it is recommended that an access point can be provided in the form of a wicket gate.  A wicket gate.  A wicket gate is a very strong and secure mechanism used to enter the building and maneuver the wicket gate to operate the roller shutter door.


Through the wall gearboxes are designed for roller shutter doors that have a door fitter on the inside an will beat the necessity of a wicket gate to operate the roller shutter door from the outside.  Therefore the through the wall gearbox defeats the need of a wicket gate on certain applications.

Service Plans Offered:

Five Year

Ten Year

Fifteen Year

Six Months service period for other products

Six Months service period for other products